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Secure Data Portal

An immediate need has usurped our currently targeted work. Secure Data Portal will be a new Wordpress Extension that will allow a Multi-Domain Hosting Account to utilize one SSL Certificate and Domain for handling specific and custom sensitive data needs.

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Secure Data Portal


A Wordpress Plugin Suite

For Multi-Domain Hosted Websites

Costs for an SSL Certificate can be pricey for small businesses and even more so for multiple websites. This Wordpress Plugin Suite will enable you to use one SSL enabled domain to handle sensitive data on all your other sites hosted on the same server/account.

Use it for User Registrations, Logins, saving sensitive information such as a users address or real name, even for limited transactions using the Stripe service. (Paypal, others to come later.) And have one place to view the dashboard/control-panel for all your websites secure data stats and domain info, including viewing security logs.

The highest security is advised with additional plugins and methods. Any problems or unusual activities are recorded, logged and anything determined to be a priority is flagged and the admin emailed a notification. There is no limit to the number of Domains. but one domain must be tied to a current SSL Certificate that will be crucial for ALL Domains henceforth.

There is currently no release date avilable.

A Free Version is being considered.


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